ISI P.V.C. Casing-N-Caping


CML No. 8941797


Built with high impact strength & total safety in mind, "Shrinath" Casing-n-Caping bring a whole new world of sophistication & convenience to your home, office, shop or showroom.


SIZE Packing In Pcs
20 * 12 mm 100
25 * 12 mm 100
32 * 12 mm 100
38 * 12 mm 50

A durable wiring system that surpasses exacting electrical safety standards. Enhancing your interiors while allowing easy access for maintenance. Its vertical closing design ensures a most secure lid mechanism which will not buckle under weight of heavier cable. Being Fireproof in nature its also anti corrosive & acid & alkali Proof. The mark of quality bestowed by Indian Standard Institute ISI, pays tribute to all our efforts in maintaining the quality.

Applications :

  • HSN - 39162019
  • Channelising Surface & Concealed Wiring in plastered wall.

Features :

  • High impact resistant
  • Fire retardant
  • Corrosion free.

Colours :

  • Ivory & White

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